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SanctaFide M&A Financial Advisors LLC was established by Dr. Michael Fikar and Associates in 2011. We are rapidly becoming a major player in both the Main Street and Wall Street (M&A) arenas. We are co-headquartered in New York, NY and San Francisco, CA, with a strong presence in the Philadelphia and Chicago areas. Our newest offices are in Charlotte, Raleigh, and Winston-Salem, NC.

Dr. Fikar was previously a Managing Partner at MicroCap Brokerage in Philadelphia, PA. While there, he completed dozens of Main Street deals and a handful of M&A transactions. He hired the first of what would become a large group of Wharton MBA's who assist him at SanctaFide and

its subsidiaries.


Though he is trained as a Mathematical Physicist, Dr. Fikar has spent most of his life as an educator and is one of the top SAT Instructors in the world. The programs SanctaFide offers are based on the lessons Dr. Fikar learned while investing his own money. He has combined his investment experience with his passion for Mathematics and Finance in order to develop SanctaFide's Investment Programs.

Our key strategy is attracting quality, liquid investors and then acquiring companies that fit their strategic goals, with options for investors to play Limited Partner Roles (with SanctaFide as a General Partner) or for investors to become General Partners (with SanctaFide as a Limited Partner). We have all the necessary expertise to help Foreign Nationals become US Citizens through the EB-5 Program


Most importantly, by our skill and tenacity in locating businesses with consistently increasing sales and profits, we are able to provide limited guarantees of 25-30% cash-on-cash returns to Main Street Investors, and up to 37.5% cash-on-cash returns to Wall Street Investors. 

SanctaFide currently owns, beneficially owns, or manages more than 100 Main Street and Wall Street businesses.


You must have a NET worth of over $1,000,000 (not including Primary Residence) OR an annual income of $200,000 ($300,000 if married) for the past two years, with the expectation that this will be true in the current year. We only work with Accredited Investors, and you must agree to indemnify us if your representation is mistaken or fraudulent.


1. You must have perfect credit and a minimum of $500,000 liquid to participate in this program.

2. We buy a group of businesses with just $100,000 down (or 20% down, whichever is larger) per business, with the remainder financed by the seller, or a bank or commercial loan broker.

3. We manage the businesses for maximum efficiency and pay you the agreed-upon returns. We focus on businesses with a history of consistently increasing revenue and profit.




It is possible to obtain an employment-based fifth preference Visa through a capital investment. The U.S. government offers citizenship through investments given the investor and the investment meet specific criteria. We use the same intensive due diligence process as in our AIP program to locate businesses for our foreign investors and partner with them to ensure the proposed project meets all government requirements.



  • The source of the investor's capital must be proven to have been obtained lawfully. If the capital is sent to the investor as a gift then the same process applies to the provider of the gift.

  • The legal ranges for EB-5 investments can depend on location, but in our foreign investor program, we exclusively offer investments valued at $1,000,000 and above. 

  • The investment must directly or indirectly generate ten full-time jobs within 2.5 years of the approved I-526 form (the conditional green card petition), or show a reasonable projection that these positions will be created and filled. These jobs do not include the investor, his/her family members, or non-immigrant aliens.

  • This is not a passive investment. The investor must either actively manage or oversee a management structure which he or she implemented. 

  • The business acquired must have been created after November 29th, 1990. If it was formed before this date then there must be a restructuring that results in a new enterprise. The vast majority of businesses we have sold to foreign investors were already considered new enterprises. 


  1. We meet or speak with you to discuss your goals as a foreign investor. We partner with our legal team to verify your eligibility and answer your questions about the proposed investment.

  2. At the time of the investment, an I-526 form is filed with an immigration attorney; its purpose is to establish your basis for applying for the actual EB-5 Visa. Depending on where you are, the I-526 takes between 12-18 months to be approved.

  3. When the I-526 is approved and you do not already have lawful status in the U.S., you then apply for a Visa using the DS-230. If you already have immigrant status, then you apply to adjust your status to conditional permanent resident using the I-485.

  4. When the form in the above step is approved, the visa granted is conditional and depends on the investment and investor meeting the EB-5 requirements during the initial two year period. The conditional green card affords you the same benefits as a permanent one, so you and your spouse can legally work and your children can attend school.

  5. In the last 90 days of this two year period, you file an I-829, which petitions to lift the conditional status and when approved, grants unconditional permanent residency.


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